My confession of hiring an Escort in Jaipur for the first time

Call Girl from Jaipur Escorts.

This is my true confession of hiring a Call Girl from Jaipur Escorts. First, let me tell you some things about myself. I have recently moved back to India from the United States of America. I did my education and was working in a large corporate office. Anyhow, when I had to move back to India for some family issues I was worried because I love freedom and it would be hard to find in India. Two years back I met this Indian girl and soon we got into a relationship. But I was always missing something. Maybe it was because of the free lifestyle I had back in States.

Last month I and my childhood friend went to Jaipur for some work. As soon as we were finished from work we went for some drinks in a local bar. During the chit chat, he suggested that I should hire an Escort for pleasure. As I am new in the place my first question was about the privacy issue. He assured me that that won’t be an issue if I hire a call girl from trusted Escort Agency in Jaipur. When I agreed we went to a restaurant as I wanted it to feel like a real date.

My friend made a call to Jaipur Escort Agency and within 30 minutes a beautiful girl came to meet us in the restaurant. She was drop dead gorgeous and I couldn’t take my eyes off her curvy body. The girl was young, beautiful and perfectly dressed. She introduced herself confidently and asked for the plans. I was spellbound, first of her beauty and second of her confidence. Anyways, my friend soon left us and went away giving us complete privacy. Due to the privacy issue, I couldn’t tell you her name but let us name her Neha. I was nervous as it was my first time with a call girl. She sensed my nervousness and she started conversing to make me feel better. I was amazed by her intelligence. We chitchatted on everything for an hour. I must tell you we could have talked for the whole night. But that was not the plan.

We laughed and talked for some time and she started getting close to me. I was feeling the sensation in my body but I was not sure how to react. I remember my girlfriend doesn’t like to go down on me saying it is disgusting. And it was my perception of Indian girls. But Neha was different, before even undressing she gave me a blow job that was the best of my life. She made me cum so hard that I thought I will go mad.

Once she was finished, she started undressing seductively. Her lingerie matched with her dusky complexion. She was a perfect Indian babe with a figure of an angel. Her striking features and falling hair created magic on me. Soon we got into the act. Neha was so sexy and active in bed that I have never experienced before. I recall every moment spent with her. Spending time with an escort in Jaipur is an event that I will never forget in my life. I left in the morning but I know I am going back as soon as I get a chance.

I would recommend everyone who is worried about the privacy to hire a call girl from Jaipur Escorts Agency. They have some gorgeous call girls who would do anything for your satisfaction. And they are reasonably priced.

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